I've photographic images dating back to the late 60's of various political, sports and news events.

Additionally there are some in-depth studies on NYC, lower Manhattan, Trade Towers, Statue of Liberty, B&W Amish life, a variety of color studies and the 'Faded Light' study of things left behind by the side of the road.


There are 3 self-assigned projects, SAP's:

1. We The People 2013 

2. A different kind of Normal 

3. Faces of Freedom


All of the images are copyrighted by me and available for controlled use.


As images get scanned and cleaned they will be posted.

Ed Zirkle  Ed@EdZirkle.com  858-900-8164

Below, Statue of Liberty at sunset from the Staten Island ferry. Mid 1980's

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty sunset taken with a Widelux camera from the Staten Island ferry